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IASA is an independent greenhouse producer

We design, build and launch your greenhouse anywhere in the world. IASA is not bound to suppliers and selects the components for the greenhouse which suits the project best.

Our clients’ preferences are the starting point of the design phase. Naturally we factor in development plans, possible permits and all other (local) building requirements. Prerequisites for working space, technical installations and logistic processes can all be incorporated into the greenhouse design. IASA carries out the feasibility study and takes care of construction estimates and budget.

Prior to building, IASA has technical consultations with all subcontractors and installers. When the construction starts, we provide a comprehensive Health and Safety Plan. We supervise the construction and installation process, we chair the construction meetings and finally we take care of the project delivery, if requested as a turn key project.

IASA offers a wide range of additional services. We carry out measurements and produce reports necessary for attaining permits or certifications. We also generate computer models to predict energy and water usage, making future costs clear, to support you and your business planning.

IASA, we make greenhouses